Repairs of game controllers PS, Xbox, SCUF, Aimcontrollers


We provide post-warranty repairs of the following game controllers:


Our repairs are not solely about replacing fault parts, but include a calibration of the controller, above all. Calibration is a crucial step in fixing a controller, when you want to ensure that the controller will work properly and for a long time. 


We strive do deliver a personal approach and individual consultations with the customer before or upon the repair.


Based in the Czech republic, we accept repair orders from most European countries. The shipping methods are provided below. For any query regarding your problem with a controller or a shipping question, please do not hesitate to contact us


HOW TO MAKE an order, shipping and payment methods

1. Your address in the Czech Republic, Slovakia


2. Your address in the rest of Europe


1. Czech Republic, Slovakia 

If you are sending your controller from and to these countries, please make an order directly on our website and choose the prefered shipment and method of payment at the checkout. If you need assistance with making an order, do not hesitate to contact us.


Shipping a controller to us is proceeded through pick-up/drop-off points of Zasilkovna (Packeta in Slovakia) and is free of charge. We will provide you with a return code, that you give to the staff at the chosen point,  they will take your parcel over and will ship it to us. 


Sending the fixed controller back to you, you have the choice between receiving the package at your local pick-up point or have it delivered to your home address. 


Please refer to the shipping rates and forms of payment for the Czech Republic and Slovakia on our main site.  



2. Rest of Europe

The following are general guidelines on how ordering a repair with us work, and may vary by country. We will provide the final instructions and shipping rates upon confirming the repair order with you.


To order a repair of your controller, please contact us with you query/problem first. We will discuss the details and confirm the final price, shipping rates and the instructions on how to send your controller to us, according to the country you are based in.



Sending a controller for the repair, you will only have to ship the package to a local address in your country. It will be then collected by the carrier we use for our parcels (Packeta Group) and delivered to us. The local address in your country is established by Packeta and will be provided to you upon making the order with us. Please note, you may be required to use a certain carrier for delivery to the local address, this depends on what carriers Packeta cooperates with in your country.  


Sending the fixed controller back to you, you will be able to choose between receiving the package at your local pick-up point, or have it delivered to your home address. You can check the pick-up points near you first. The choice of carriers for home delivery vary among various countries and will be provided to you upon making an order. 

All parcels' shipments to and from us are insured and monitored.


Shipping rates

Sending a package to the local address in the customer's country is covered by the customer.

Sending the fixed controller from us back to the customer depends on the carrier and the destination country, it varies between 10 - 20 EUR. The final shipping rate will be provided upon agreeing on the order with the customer. 


Forms of payment

We accept bank transfer or online payment (card, Google Pay, Apple Pay).





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